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Hinson's Island is a small, private residential island located in Hamilton Harbour, Bermuda. Hinson's is one of the few small islands in Bermuda which has a year round residential community. Hinson's is much like old Bermuda - there are no paved roads; no street lights; no cars or motorized vehicles are allowed on the Island; and access to the Island can be had only via the water. What we do have on Hinson's Island are tree lined pathways, a quiet atmosphere and wonderful water views.

The Hinson's Island Club, is a corporate body, established by the Hinson's Island Act 1960; its members are the owners of Hinson's Island property. When Hinson's Island property is rented or sold it is subject to the approval of the Club. Please write to The Secretary, Hinson's Island Club, PO Box HM 722, Hamilton, Bermuda HMCX, for general enquiries about property on the Island.

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